Tutorial: Creating a Realistic Eye 3.0

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Welcome to my latest Tutorial: Creating Realistic Digital Eyes 3.0

Everyone knows the eyes are the windows to the soul, this is why it is so important to get them right when creating your digital characters. They are the focal point of the face, and need a refined balance of all elements to achieve a convincing result.

This is by far my most in depth tutorial when it comes to creating realistic eyes.

The techniques I show in this course are relatively simple and straightforward, this should allow you to follow along using the software that you are most comfortable with. Whether you like to use Blender, C4D or Substance Painter, you should be able to follow my step by step process and achieve great results. Keep in mind the groom is done using Xgen in Maya, but the foundational structure is still a useful reference for creating the groom in your software of choice.

We will start with modeling the eye while referencing realistic proportions. I will then show you how I fit the eye to the face of your character accurately. Next we will jump into texturing where we use high resolution photos to reflect a realistic result. This is followed by creating materials for the eye. And finally adding the groom for the eyelashes and eyebrows.


Chapter01 - Modeling the Eyeball

Chapter02 - Fitting the Eyes and Creating the Caruncle

Chapter03 - Creating the Meniscus

Chapter04 - Texturing the Sclara

Chapter05 - Texturing the Iris and Caruncle

Chapter06 - Building the Shaders (part 01)

Chapter07 - Building the Shaders (part 02)

Chapter08 - Grooming Eyelashes

Chapter09 - Grooming Eyebrows

Chapter10 - Final Adjustments

This tutorial does not include:

- Modeling, Texture or Lookdev of the face and skin (I have done this in previous tutorials).

- Rigging of the face.

- Animation of the face.

Programs Used: (I have tried to make this tutorial as straight forward and simple as possible so that you can follow along in a software that you are more comfortable with)

- Maya

- Mari

- Redshift

Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy the tutorial.

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Tutorial: Creating a Realistic Eye 3.0

14 ratings
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