Tutorial: Barbarian - Texturing Realistic Skin for Characters

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Welcome to my latest Tutorial, Barbarian - Texturing Realistic Skin for Characters.

This tutorial is an update of my older skin texturing tutorial, with new processes and techniques while using up to date software. I not only show you how to texture the face but also the upper body.

In this tutorial, I will be going over my entire process when it comes to texturing skin for a realistic character. The process is covered in-depth, with every step explained with narration, in real-time. I go over the creation of all the maps I currently use to generate realistic skin.

There is a lot of content in this tutorial, but I have labeled the chapters in a way to make it easy for you to skip ahead or jump to the area which interests you most, without having to watch the entire process. I did this to make sure a beginner has all the information they need, or a more experienced artist can jump to the information they are seeking.

By the end of the tutorial, you should have the knowledge and techniques to apply realistic skin textures to your own characters.

NOTE: I am using resources from for both the diffuse and displacement of the skin.


- Chapter01_ZBrush_Initial level of detail

- Chapter02_ZBrush_Using ZWrap

- Chapter03_XNormal_Transfering textures

- Chapter04_Diff_Cleaning up Cavities

- Chapter05_Diff_Creating a tileable for the Scalp

- Chapter06_Diff_Eyes

- Chapter07_Diff_Nose and Mouth

- Chapter08_Diff_Ears

- Chapter09_Diff_Chest and Back

- Chapter10_Diff_Neck and Arm

- Chapter11_Diff_Bent Arm

- Chapter12_Diff_Hand

- Chapter13_Diff_Final balancing of diffuse

- Chapter14_Disp_Removing hair regions

- Chapter15_Disp_Cleanup Nose Mouth and Ears

- Chapter16_Disp_Neck and Shoulders

- Chapter17_Disp_Chest and Back

- Chapter18_Disp_Arms

- Chapter19_Disp_Hand

- Chapter20_Roughness

- Chapter21_Exporting Maps

- Chapter22_Adding Dirt

- Chapter23_Lookdev Tweaks

Programs Used:

- Mari

- ZBrush

- XNormal

Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy the tutorial.

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Texturing Realistic Skin for Production, 23 Chapters with over 8 hours of in depth content.


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Tutorial: Barbarian - Texturing Realistic Skin for Characters

25 ratings
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